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  • "Neha’s professional approach carried a lot of poise and friendliness."
  • "She’s passionate, dedicated and punctual. She went above and beyond by doing extra makeup"
  • "Having learned from places worldwide she has extensive knowledge of products and techniques"
  • "I totally loved the experience of makeup classes and the interaction with her"
  • "Neha being such a wonderful person she made me feel very comfortable. She patiently heard my preferences and qualms."
Neha Ravichandran
Soniya Bose (Image management )

The sessions have helped me realize how dressing can influence people’s perception of power in the corporate world. It has made me conscious of my dressing style and how to dress for impact on certain occasions. I picked up some very valuable tips on Make Up & Grooming. Neha’s professional approach carried a lot of poise and friendliness. The changes made for her Wardrobe and Appearance were very gradual as she was not ready to change overnight. The Presentation given to me in the form of a Look Book was much appreciated, as this helps me in practicing all that I have learnt from Neha.

Tulasi (Self Makeup Class)

I have attended a 2 day make up session from Neha. She helped me understand make up, expectations and skin care as well. There’s discussions (skin types undertones, preferences, tips), there’s showing how to apply make up and also applying on own with her support which makes it a complete package. She’s passionate, dedicated and punctual. She went above and beyond by doing extra makeup with different products until I found my liking. Apart from her exceptional professionalism, she’s warm hearted, friendly and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend her classes.

Ravichandran Natarajan (Image management)

I am very happy to go through the sessions with Neha. Clusters/Mix and Matching of clothes was my favourite, whereby I learnt how to have combinations for different looks. Dress for success for the appropriate occasion was very interesting, as the power of success is connected with a good image. The Non Image topics were very beneficial. Look Book was given to me after completion of all the sessions. I found this very helpful, whereby all the sessions were mentioned in the same along with recommendations.

Roja (Self Makeup Class)

Neha is a very sweet and warm person. You can learn anything from her effortlessly. She is an excellent teacher. And not just the makeup, she had loads of other stuff to teach you. I totally loved the experience of makeup classes and the interaction with her Though it was a long long journey to her place from where I stay, it was totally worth it.

Shamim (Self Makeup Class)

I cannot say enough about Neha. I had the pleasure learning basic makeup from her. She is extremely talented, friendly, caring, and take pride in her work.she is having good knowledge about the products and skin type.Her main goal is really to make sure that you feel beautiful and satisfied, Happy learning.

Shweta Singh (Make up Service)

I am a Kinder garden Teacher, I got my make and styling done by Neha, on my special day. She did a great job and made my day even more special. More importantly, I appreciate her commitment and professionalism throughout. I will definitely recommend Neha Ravichandran to all my friends. I wish her all the success that you deserve for the future.

Vinethaa Arun (Shopping assistance)

I am a Software Engineer and previously I never knew, that color of the clothes can make such a big difference to your image. Thanks to Neha for making me confident in my dressing and bringing a positive change. It was a wonderful experience and your dedication and eye for detail is amazing. Keep up your good work and best wishes for your future endeavors.

Adlin (Self Makeup Class)

I had an amazing experience with Neha. She taught me two looks in makeup and the basic things about makeup products. She taught me how we can find fake products. She also shares her experience with the makeup products and will recommend it according to your skin type. She taught me the basic skincare and its importance. Even after the class, I am getting guidance from her. I would highly recommend taking a class.

Akansha (Self Makeup Class)

It was a wonderful experience and leaning for me. Neha Mam is very polite and friendly. She teaches in a very easy and understandable manner. Loved meeting her. This makeup course was worthy for me.

Anindita Chattaraj (Image Management)

I am a teacher by profession. I took personal styling and shopping sessions from Neha. During these sessions, I came to know, what color, design, cut and style looks nice on me. I was happy with the service as now I am able to select my own clothes with clarity. All the best, you are the best.

Animisha Singh (Make up Service)

I rarely wear makeup and was apprehensive about the session. However, Neha being such a wonderful person she made me feel very comfortable. She patiently heard my preferences and qualms. The makeup she did was very nice and pleasing to the eyes. It highlighted my best features while playing down the problem areas. It did not feel heavy on my skin, which was a big concern for me. Most importantly I felt confident. Thanks a lot, Neha, it was a fun and learning session.

Deepthi (Counselling)

Five months back, I had many problems with my 4-year-old child. She was not eating properly and always wanted to play with neighbors’ kids. She refused to come home once back from the school and just wanted to play. The days or hours never mattered to her. Due to interrupted eating or not eating properly, she started falling sick very often. I connected with Neha Ravichandran, to help me understand the situation and guide me. Neha helped me with valuable tips on how to change my daughter’s routine and habit. I followed the advice and now I feel much happier seeing my child eat healthy and play too.

Divya Arunima (Self Makeup Class)

Neha is excellent at her craft. She has an in-depth understanding of body language, textiles, and how one can use it all to make an appropriate statement, be it at the workplace or a social event. She helped me analyze my existing style and made apt recommendations in sync with my requirements.

Elizabeth (Self Makeup Class)

I had a two day make up session with Neha. It was a great experience she was amazing. Very patient walked me through all the steps of makeup and also guided me with the right products. Always available for any doubts even after the sessions. I would recommend her to everyone who wants to learn about quality products and makeup.

Jasjeet (Professional Makeup Training)

Neha is one of the best professionals in the industry I have met. She is very friendly yet very firm in her teaching. She ensured that I learn the smallest aspect of makeup through her one on one class and hands-on training, which is not possible when you go to classes with many students. Having learned from places worldwide she has extensive knowledge of products and techniques which she ensures that her students get to know/understand practically through her vast collection of international products. It is such a delight to meet and work with her every time. Her teaching is definitely helping me to get more business but also I have been able to groom myself to the next level as I got to know my hair and skin so much more. Thank you so much, Neha. I am sure you will achieve all the success through your relentless knowledge, updated market standards, and the lovely personality.

Madhumita Kar (Counselling)

I am a software engineer. At times I used to feel stressed due to office and work pressure. It was so difficult to balance work and home. I used to have many discussions with Neha and post every session, I felt good. She gave me good suggestions; on how can I manage both work and family. It’s always wonderful to talk to her. The moment I spoke to her, I felt a sense of strength. Neha is an extremely strong and mature person but equally fun-loving. I know, I can talk to her about any issue and feel better.

Meena (Make up Service)

I got my make up done by Neha and it was a very nice experience. I felt modern and young. I got positive comments from my friends. Thanks to you Neha.

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