Life must have a goal and mine is to achieve and to create more value.

Having worked with more than 5000+ individuals, across the country and globe. Neha is known for her accurate evaluation and diagnosis of Individuals and the challenges they face.
Her patients and counselee are not only spread in India but across the globe, - US, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, Oman, Czechoslovakia , UAE, Bahrain.
She helps people work on self-acceptance and emotional regulation. Her ability to make individuals connect to themselves at a healthy level has been value creating for her patients and clients.
Neha Ravichandran

About Athreyaa Wellness

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Our Work and Passion
Self-reliant, Confident, impressive – Be You
We are in a fast-moving world, where people form impressions faster than a blink of an eye. One cannot ignore this and not face reality. The physical appearance created by god cannot be modified much, but the confidence, style that adds to our persona can definitely be worked upon. Athreyaa Wellness aims at supporting and making people more confident, positive, and self-reliant.
The image is not only about the appearance or the clothes one wears. It also includes body language, etiquette, conducting oneself in society with friends, peers, etc. At Athreyaa Wellness, we aim at improving the life-condition and life-style of Families, Children, Individuals – men and women. We work on change both inner and outer. Athreyaa Wellness aims at building confident, dynamic, and self-reliant individuals from all walks of life.
To enhance the quality of your life, we offer many services. All the services are customized based on individual needs and wants.
Few Services in Brief:
  • Counselling on most life and social issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Emotional Empathy
  • Mental Health
  • Conversational Skills
  • Building Confidence and self-esteem
  • Image Makeovers
  • Corporate and General Etiquette
  • Body Language
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Transactional Analysis

We provide the following Services:

  • People unable to cope with work stress and/or with an opportunity to improve self-esteem. Facing challenges in getting themselves accepted by others easily or make that first lasting impression.
  • Individual counseling for people in a tough situation or suffering from Temporary Depression; Insomnia, Parent’s and children’s lifestyle, women going through abuse.
  • Men and women going through abuse, personality type evaluation to understand your self and others better. This helps in building a great team dynamics which will work well, even with different mindset and ideas. Teenage challenges, Coping with Anxiety and fear, understanding your Emotional Intelligence.
  • I feel especially equipped to handle groups or individuals, suffering from low self-esteem due to Physical Appearance, Body Language; Etiquette, etc. using my combined learning as a Counselor and an Image Consultant.
  • Workshops for parents and children focusing on improving relations and quality of living and thinking.

Who can avail the Service: We have something for everyone from every walk of life:

  1. Corporate Men / Women
  2. Children – Students; Students in transition from School to College; Study to Job etc.
  3. Home Makers
  4. Young Men and Women seeking marriage proposals
  5. People seeking work or facing job interviews.
  6. Children / Youngsters/ Adults looking to cope with peer pressure.
  7. Teenagers and Young Adults.

About Neha

Neha Ravichandran
Trained more then 60,000 + people 5000 + individual counsellee and families Driven by Passion, Ms Neha’s is very capable of connecting with people and bringing a change in their lives. She is a holistic therapist on family; youth and teen-related issues. With formal certifications in 2016, she has been a counsellor for 6 years now, with an overall experience of working with people of over 14 years. She has been focused on counselling people with varied emotional intelligence issues, relationships, anger, family, stress, depression, marriage etc. emotions; work; colleagues; social interaction; extramarital affair, abuse, social phobia; personality; insomnia, body-image; OCD; mood disorder; grief; divorce, PTSD and more. She has supported people from all walks of life be it, professionals; students; men/women going through various challenges in their social; personal or professional life.

Neha is driven by varied passions and has not limited her desire to explore and learn. The driving force of our life is to achieve or do something. Most women go through a change in their lifestyle due to changing family circumstances. Her desire to balance life with family and her own pursuits were very high and that started the journey to know what more she can learn to make herself more satisfied. She decided to study further as it helped her explore new horizons along with managing her responsibilities. Starting her own practice in 2015, Athreyaa Wellness (refine mind and image) – had a holistic approach to work on people at different levels. She created her own brand and paved her own career path in 2015.

She hails from defense background, with very open-minded parents, who always encouraged her to follow her passion. It also taught her coexistence with different cultures and respect diversity. A firm believer of healthy boundaries and assertiveness.

Happily married and am a mother of two pre-teens. Academic qualifications include – Masters in Psychology (IGNOU) , MBA(Lucknow University), Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Banjara Academy) CBT; NLP; REBT; Clinical Disorders; Child Psychology; Vedic Psychology; Raga Psychology,Anger Management; Art Therapy; Graphology; Behaviour Counselling; Marriage Counselling; Color Therapy; - Asha The Hope, Image Consulting (ICBI) A good psychologist is one who is able to connect with people and lets them speak. The psychologist then brings in their own insights and expertise to work with such people without letting their own distortions affect their counselee. She has grown, as a mentor for Diploma in counselling Students and Family Therapy students at Asha The Hope. CCI, psychology India. Neha is an aspiring lifelong learner.


  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Psychologist
  • Vedic Psychologist
  • Child Psychologist
  • Art Therapist
  • Graphologist
  • Dream Analysis
  • Raga Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • CBT
  • NLP
  • REBT

My Journey

As most of the women, go through the change in their lifestyle due to family. I too am no exception. During the sabbatical in my career, I also got the opportunity to move out of country and live in Toronto for few years. This was another great journey of my life, where I realized that there is more to motherhood than I imagined. It was being a woman who could be a super woman by being a more sort after for her kids, family, and the biggest differentiator was for her own self.

My desire to balance my life with family and my own independence was very high and that began my journey or quest to know what more can I learn to make my life even better. Since my kids were small, I decided to study further, as that required part of my time. HR experience came very handy as the choices I had to made became easier with the clarity I had about different work and roles. I was fortunate to get exposure in counseling as employee relations, and realized that I am best suited for the work. Along with counseling came Image consulting.
Image was especially very interesting and intrigued me since it is really up coming. The scope of image consulting is so vast, that we cannot imagine where it ends.
This is to every human being who feels that they are sorted, or the life has stopped or this is it , once they get that first job, or if people have children. I feel we stop, when we really want to stop. There is no end to learning or growing till the end. Age or the current status in your life has nothing to do with it. All it requires is that sense of realization and your attitude; I will not give up.

I realized that today’s world where first impressions and power of your presence have become so important. Counseling and Image consulting together, helps a person to combat the daily challenges of life which they face knowingly or unknowingly based on the perceptions, image, judgment people have formed about them.

This was an answer to me and I applied myself where my passion lies. Today I can proudly say, that I am not just a mother but a professional, who has carved her path and made a choice of not being part of the rat race but follow my passion. Passion where I can work what I love and also balance my family life.

Pillars of Athreyaa

We all need some support, so do I.. Here are my pillars of Support!
Coming from a field where nature photography was a day to day activity, I never thought it will become my profession someday.
Neha Ravichandran who is also a very good friend of mine encouraged me to convert my passion into a profession. Her trust in my skills motivated me and that’s how my journey as a portrait photographer started.
I am really grateful to her for giving me the platform to showcase my photography skills.
I am Netra, learned makeup and hairstyle from Neha mam. I love Neha mam she teaches in very easy steps.
She gave me the opportunity to work with her in Saree Draping sessions. She has also helped me with Makeup service work.
She is a very very very good teacher
I have known Neha for quite sometime now, first as a good soul and now as a good friend. The first thing I noticed about her was her panache. From casual hi- hello to being good friend, I have known her as a person with friendly personality and open minded attitude. I being an UI Designer have done few digital graphics for her. Then I have also seen her amazing work closely. Hence I can say that she is exceptional in her work. With an eye for detailing and usage of high-quality products, she has created a mark for herself in her field. Last but not the least , I would like to thank you Neha for believing in me and Best wishes for you future endeavours!!
Hi, this is Surbhi. I am a Graphic designer, Fashion designer & an upcycling artist.
I make creatives for Athreyaa. I love illustrating and picturization content and thoughts, which makes it true to its essence. Athreyaa is a lovely place to work and be with.
Hi I’m Resham Panth, a Freelance Web Designer and Developer. I build websites that load fast, look great and convert quick!
Neha is as good a person as she is a teacher! She is very down-to-earth, always willing to help, and comes up with brilliant ideas you wouldn’t even imagine!

I've helped thousands of people live a better life

  • Soniya Testimonial
    The sessions have helped me realize how dressing can influence people’s perception of power in the corporate world. It has made me conscious of my dressing style and how to dress for impact on certain occasions.
    Soniya Bose
  • Vineetha Testimonial
    I am a Software Engineer and previously I never knew, that color of the clothes can make such a big difference to your image. Thanks to Neha for making me confident in my dressing and bringing a positive change.
    Vinethaa Arun
  • Shamim Testimonial
    I cannot say enough about Neha. I had the pleasure learning basic makeup from her. She is extremely talented, friendly, caring, and take pride in her work.
  • Roja Testimonial
    Neha is a very sweet and warm person. You can learn anything from her effortlessly. She is an excellent teacher. And not just the makeup, she had loads of other stuff to teach you.
  • Jasjeet Testimonial
    Her teaching is definitely helping me to get more business but also I have been able to groom myself to the next level as I got to know my hair and skin so much more. Thank you so much, Neha.
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